The Dirt Rag
Special Issue - Special Offer
December 2004

   In a historic and unprecedented move designed to strike while the iron is hot, The Dirt Rag, best known as being the voice of the environmental underground during the CNet newsletter wars, announces the discovery and release of the Chivian Pedigree Collection consisting of mint condition copies of vintage CNet newletters beginning with the first "President's Memo" dated 12/8/1988 and ending with the "Heartbeat of CNet, Issue 7" dated December 1993.

   This unique collection includes:
  • David Oberholzer - A Carreer in Focus
  • The first four super rare, colored issues of Voice Channel
  • The Pulitzer Prize winning issue of Richardson Sports Weekly
  • The history making innagural issue of Interference
  • The landmark retaliatory issue of Voice Channel, "Voice Channel goes to DEFCON 3"
  • The hand-written original issue of The Dirt Rag
  • la Canal de Voz from Junio 1990
  • A replication of the original hand drawn advertisement for Cap'n Spanky's Seafood Shack
  • A Workforce Reduction Carole

...and much, much more including the hilarious Game 7 Apa-STATS with the tagline "A's Drowned Like Rats as Mattox Hurls".

   This fantastic discovery allows us to make this incredible offer.   For a limited time these mint condition originals can be yours for only $39.95 per issue.   That's right!    For only $39.95 you could own an original piece of the Newsletter Wars themselves.    The only exceptions to this offer are the innagural issues of Voice Channel and Interference, which are available for $79.95, and the innagural hand-written copy of The Dirt Rag, which is not for sale.

   As the sole distribution outlet for these historic documents The Dirt Rag is pleased to accept payment by check, money order or any major credit card.   Inquiries welcomed at

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